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This is channe's stashpoint for all things Redux.

I began writing Rangers Redux after it became clear that Legend of the Rangers, the sub-par Babylon 5 replacement spinoff, wasn't going to go to series. Many of us liked the characters, but thought the pilot episode wasn't that great; but, as you very well know -- when the fic fails the fans, the fans write fanfic.

To Live and Die in Starlight wasn’t a perfect movie, sure, but I loved its characters; they were interesting people who never got a chance to do their thing. So I started writing the series that never happened. Every entry was written off-the-cuff and was completely unplanned -- I didn’t know what was going to happen next until a few seconds before the reader. My only rule was: once it was down, it was canon. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.

Those of you who have already read this story on the forums probably won’t notice, at first glance, the substantive content differences and slight grammar/language revisions included here. I’ve kept 99% of the original, but tightened it up by eliminating the false starts and leads I never ended up capitalizing on later, altering some character behaviors to better support what happened to them in future entries, and rearranging entries to make a timeline that’s much less scattered. It’s slightly leaner, and a good bit better.

As I'm posting from the beginning (~2002) and revising the original b5tv.com version, there should be no lack of happy updates for a very, very long time.

Yeah, Rangers was kinda silly. But this won't be.