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Welcome to the only fanfic I have ever -- and probably will ever -- write.

I began writing Rangers Redux after it became clear that The Legend of the Rangers, the sub-par, hokey Babylon 5 replacement spinoff, wasn't going to go to series. As you very well know, when the fic fails the fans, the fans write fanfic.

To Live and Die in Starlight wasn’t a perfect movie (ok, yeah, it REALLY REALLY SUCKED and we all cried for days), but I liked the characters. I honestly had wanted to see it go forward, and was disappointed when the show's understandably poor ratings, stilted dialogue, and plot that a kindergartener could think up during snack hour killed its chance for a weekly timeslot. But it had potential, and that's what counts.

So I started writing the series myself, simply because I wanted to answer some questions that I had and find out what happened next.

It's not very JMS, and I doubt where I'm schlepped it would have been where JMS would have taken it, but it's been a good time so far. I've extended it far beyond what was in the pilot episode, and the story has taken on a life of its own. It's written far better towards the end than the beginning, but that's simply because I'm a better writer now than I was in March of 2002.

These are the rules: since I'm one busy girl, I write completely off-the-cuff, a few plot points or paragraphs at a time. Once it's down, it's canon. There are no beta-readers. I find out what's going to happen a minute before the readers do when I think it up.

Until further notice (i.e., when I start on competely new content) I'm posting revisions. Those of you who have already read this story on forums probably won’t notice, at first glance, the substantive content differences and slight grammar/language revisions included here. I’ve kept 93% of the original, but tightened it up by eliminating the false starts and leads I never ended up capitalizing on later, altering some character behaviors to better support what happened to them in future entries, and rearranging entries to make a timeline that’s much less scattered. It’s slightly leaner, and a good bit better.

So give it a chance; don't discount it just because it's Rangers.

There should be no lack of happy updates for a very, very long time. You should be able to follow the plot if you've seen the movie; if you haven't, or need a quick review as to where everything stands, click on this link or this link or this link or this link.

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