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ghosts of coriana | 11

Memories brought him quickly back to his office.

"I'll call Firell," Dulann said, softly. "She can-"

"No," David responded. 

Dulann traded a gaze with his Captain; the human was completely stable, right down to the regal set of his shoulders and the cold sanity of his eyes. "I never hid a thing when I joined the Anla'shok," he said softly. "It was the Shadow War. They never asked." He looked up. "And it's not a secret, Dulann. The Ranger Council has known for a long time."

Dulann nodded, silent.

"No," David continued. "They won't move on this. They haven't before. Maddox may have his suspicions, but my records speak for themselves."

"Even the more questionable ones?"

Martel laughed, raising his eyebrows. "When have I not been questionable?"


A self-assured grin flashed over David's face. The captain walked back to his desk, picked up one of the flimsies laying so haphazardly across the surface, and chuckled. "Go on - get out of here. You're off duty. Get some sleep before launch tomorrow."

Dulann nodded, a slight grin set on his features. "Ah. Like you will not be doing. I understand."

"Before I throw you out," Martel said, amused.

"Of course."
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