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ghosts of coriana | 8

Upon returning to the Liandra, Malcolm changed his shirt, threw some water on his face, and set off to find Firell.

He knew there were only three places she could possibly be; the quiet Minbari healer was intensely private, devoutly religious, and completely devoted to her work and to the exigencies of . When she wasn't asleep in a barracks adjoining the infirmary, she was in scrubs, taking care of injured Rangers or tending whatever experiment bubbled in the adjoining lab -- and when she wasn't directly tending the body, she was tending the soul, cross-legged and ramrod-straight, in the ship's small chapel.

Malcolm paused at the door to the chapel only minutes after mounting his search. She was there, in the midst of open-handed meditation. He wrestled down a familiar fear and went to join her.

As he sat, he noticed her porcelain face shift slightly; as though woken from a beautiful dream, her eyes opened a few seconds later and she regarded Malcolm with a mixture of curiosity and welcome. She reached out to take his hand, and he allowed her to, attempting to sublimate the strange, clammy-smooth feeling that he expected from contact with inhuman skin.

"You came," she said, earnestly.

"Not to meditate," he responded. Dissappointment crossed Firell's features, and she looked down, releasing his hand. "I need to ask you something -- something important."

She smiled, her lips turning up in a querolous fashion. "Mmm?"

"You knew, didn't you?"

Firell's features flickered from questioning to blank; she looked once at the Triary, as if mentally sorting memories. When she looked back at him, it was with distinct concern.

"I know many things," she said, searching for an answer.

"About the Captain," he continue. The words hurt; he rested his hand on his knee.

"The Captain?" she asked.

The words opened his mouth on their own volition, spewing out before he could control them. "What he was before the Rangers."

Firell's eyes shifted -- she began to stare him down quite seriously. "What did you come here to ask me, Malcolm?"

A pause from the intelligence officer; he heaved a sigh and returned her serious look. "Quantium mania. I need to know if he has exhibited symptoms, at any point since he became a Ranger, of quantium mania."

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