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notes: thoughts on ranger language as we see it in 'redux'

The post-Shadow War Anla'shok, as an organization, attempts to be multicultural to an extent that many would consider ludicrous. Nevertheless, senior Ranger policymakers like Sindell, who still remember a time before Sinclair, have insisted that the organization keep its training centered in Minbari culture and religion, afraid that alien influences from human Earthforce methods might contaminate a proven pedagogy and make it less effective and unitive - which is, quite honestly, a very valid concern for a very unstable time.

Mutually-exclusive philosophies? Basically. But, for some odd reason, it works.

Anyway, if you see a number of Rangers from different races talking together, they're most likely doing it in Adronato, because the old rules say that you have to speak that, Fik, and the other unnamed Minbari dialect just as well as you can speak your childhood tongue before you can be given that cute little pin and graduate from Ranger-in-training to Ranger. 

So, that said:

-- Nonhuman and non-Minbari officers like Na'feel and Tirk, culturally, have nothing in common but what has been given them by the Anla'shok, which is why they always speak to each other in Adronato. Na'feel will sometimes swear in Narnish, but neither she nor Tirk has really had a need to speak their native languages since they became a Ranger.
-- David, Malcolm, and Sarah sometimes speak English to one another when they're alone, although for Malcolm, English is also a second language. He was brought up on Beta Colony, a planet whose official language was Spanish. Very few of the non-human members of the Liandra can speak English. 
-- When Martel speaks in any sort of official capacity - whenever he's giving orders, on the bridge, working somewhere else in the ship or talking to anyone with a funky little pin, he's speaking Adronato.
-- The earlier interviews took place in English. Even Dulann was speaking English to Grayson Maddox. Dulann can speak English, but he prefers Adronato.
-- Kitaro speaks ten languages. That's why he's the comm guy.

And, of course, I'm so nice that I'm translating it all for you! :)

At any rate! Any questions or comments before we leave the lovely embrace of Tuzanor and head for the wild black yonder?
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