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notes: thoughts on ranger language as we see it in 'redux' [04 Aug 2006|10:24am]

The post-Shadow War Anla'shok, as an organization, attempts to be multicultural to an extent that many would consider ludicrous. Nevertheless, senior Ranger policymakers like Sindell, who still remember a time before Sinclair, have insisted that the organization keep its training centered in Minbari culture and religion, afraid that alien influences from human Earthforce methods might contaminate a proven pedagogy and make it less effective and unitive - which is, quite honestly, a very valid concern for a very unstable time.

Mutually-exclusive philosophies? Basically. But, for some odd reason, it works.

Anyway, if you see a number of Rangers from different races talking together, they're most likely doing it in Adronato, because the old rules say that you have to speak that, Fik, and the other unnamed Minbari dialect just as well as you can speak your childhood tongue before you can be given that cute little pin and graduate from Ranger-in-training to Ranger. 

So, that said:

At any rate! Any questions or comments before we leave the lovely embrace of Tuzanor and head for the wild black yonder?
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ghosts of coriana | 11 [04 Aug 2006|10:02am]

Memories brought him quickly back to his office.

"I'll call Firell," Dulann said, softly. "She can-"

"No," David responded. 

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ghosts of coriana | 10 [01 Aug 2006|09:18am]


Despite his commanding officer's assurances that all was well, Dulann occasionally caught a flicker of the old days in the depths of his eyes; at times, he noted that Martel's shoulders slumped forward slightly when he was meditating, or saw the lines appear on his face when the past was mentioned.

There had been lines on his face when Dulann first encountered the captain, of course -- deep furrows of regret, pain, and loss. And there had been more than emotion: there was dirt, quantium dust, and the blood of a woman who lay three days dead beside him, a piece of razor-sharp stone with the diameter of a denn'bok thrust through the soft area just underneath the sternum, pinning her squarely to the ground. 

This was years ago, on Nesma, during the beginning of the Shadow War, when he hadn't even been a Ranger, but, still, Dulann worried.

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ghosts of coriana | 9 [01 Aug 2006|09:11am]


Martel's office - spare, yellowish, and impeccably clean, except for a pair of mud-caked boots thrown in a corner, a large pile of downloaded notes shoved underneath a mobile terminal on the desk, and a half-eaten travel container of flarn perched precariously on the terminal interface - was the largest room on the Liandra save the bridge and the engine chamber.

Yet Martel still felt cramped.

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announcement. [31 Jul 2006|04:20pm]

I'm probably going to pick this up again.

Anyone still here?
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ghosts of coriana | 8 [22 Dec 2004|04:28pm]


Upon returning to the Liandra, Malcolm changed his shirt, threw some water on his face, and set off to find Firell.

the questionCollapse )

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ghosts of coriana | 7 [29 Nov 2004|02:21pm]


The main Anla'shok facility at Tuzanor was an architectural mess. A mish-mash of baby-blue crystal towers melded with the darker, sensibly-green buildings of the post-war period. The original building had long been swallowed in the ballooning need for renovation and the human craving for expansion. Half of the compound had burned during the Civil War, and the designers had left a section in ruins as a "memorial," while nearby workers currently were engaged in completing the new additions Entil'zha had commissioned for the expansion of Ranger membership to other races. Everywhere, a new architectural masterpiece touched the sky -- everywhere, post-war utilitarianism touched the old crystal innocence that had once characterized the holdings before Sinclair.

confrontationCollapse )

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ghosts of coriana | 6 [29 Nov 2004|11:57am]

Death and uselessness. And back to death. Always back to death.

Hours later, after his interrogation, David stood in front of the glass where he stood before every mission, and everything he had earned as a Ranger melted from him.

He liked to think that he had no past, except for this dead time a few days before liftoff, when he reached forward, touched the thin barrier between his heart and the cemetery, feeling her presence in the cool brightness underneath his fingers.

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ghosts of coriana | 5 [19 Nov 2004|01:28am]


Ranger Sarah Cantrell, Tactical Specialist/Ei Nali (Liandra) Rating: 6A Date: 62165 Kurali 18-89 </strong> 

CantrellCollapse )
Ranger David Martel, Captain/Shok’na (Liandra) Rating: 8A Date: 62165 Kurali 18-89
MartelCollapse )
Ranger Dulann 3f Chu'domo, First Officer/Shok'nali (Liandra) Rating: 9C Date: 62165 Kurali 18-89</strong> 

DulannCollapse )
Ranger Malcolm Bridges, Intelligence/Su’nur (Liandra) Rating: 6A Date: 62165 Kurali 18-89</b></font>

MalcolmCollapse )
From Gus Morgan Laverty’s seminal work, Renaissance: A History of Anla’shok Reform, 2265-2290</font> 
excerptCollapse )

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[15 Nov 2004|04:20pm]


David Martel -- the award-winning Cowardly Captain of the Year and front-runner for the title of Most Underused And Ignored Commander In The Entire Fleet -- switched off the link with a flourish, tore off the headset, resisted the temptation to hurl it sidelong into the railing, and stared down his exec with the anger of ages burning behind his eyes.

4: mission briefingCollapse )

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ghosts of coriana | 3 [04 Nov 2004|11:29am]


By now, it had become David Martel's Tuesday-morning ritual while his haunted tin can of a ship was docked at Tuzanor: dawdle over coffee, read the morning dispatches, check up with the duty officer, and then head off to the training rooms to beat the living hell out of Sarah Cantrell, his weapons officer and longtime friend.

3: sparring / meditationCollapse )
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ghosts of coriana | 2 [01 Nov 2004|11:55pm]

Na'feel's first view of Minbar - helped along by feeding her last five credits into a payviewer in the bowels of an ancient, sputtering Brakiri refugee freighter - had taken her breath away. It hung in space, surrounded by the smooth, predatory lines of thousands of Sharlins and Whitestars, untouched by the bloody war that had torn her homeworld apart. It was Na'feel's last hope of amnesty -- her last hope of a future where she could do something like bring her years of experience running her father’s engine shop to good use.

2: na'feel & kitaroCollapse )
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ghosts of coriana | 1 [01 Nov 2004|11:36pm]

Sindell arrived obscenely early to the summit, a fact that seemed to disturb no one but the normally imperturbable Rathenn, who had been hunched over deployment plans in the security aerie for most of the morning. Rathenn - whose task it was to remember this sort of thing - found that he could not recall a single time when Sindell had been this early, or this eager, to attend an event that would inevitably end in the Centauri complaining, the Narns whining, the Earth Alliance throwing up their hands in denial, and the Drazi calling for some sort of military involvement. 1: sindellCollapse )
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introduction [01 Nov 2004|11:20pm]


Welcome to the only fanfic I have ever -- and probably will ever -- write.

I began writing Rangers Redux after it became clear that The Legend of the Rangers, the sub-par, hokey Babylon 5 replacement spinoff, wasn't going to go to series. As you very well know, when the fic fails the fans, the fans write fanfic.

To Live and Die in Starlight wasn’t a perfect movie (ok, yeah, it REALLY REALLY SUCKED and we all cried for days), but I liked the characters. I honestly had wanted to see it go forward, and was disappointed when the show's understandably poor ratings, stilted dialogue, and plot that a kindergartener could think up during snack hour killed its chance for a weekly timeslot. But it had potential, and that's what counts.

So I started writing the series myself, simply because I wanted to answer some questions that I had and find out what happened next.

It's not very JMS, and I doubt where I'm schlepped it would have been where JMS would have taken it, but it's been a good time so far. I've extended it far beyond what was in the pilot episode, and the story has taken on a life of its own. It's written far better towards the end than the beginning, but that's simply because I'm a better writer now than I was in March of 2002.

These are the rules: since I'm one busy girl, I write completely off-the-cuff, a few plot points or paragraphs at a time. Once it's down, it's canon. There are no beta-readers. I find out what's going to happen a minute before the readers do when I think it up.

Until further notice (i.e., when I start on competely new content) I'm posting revisions. Those of you who have already read this story on forums probably won’t notice, at first glance, the substantive content differences and slight grammar/language revisions included here. I’ve kept 93% of the original, but tightened it up by eliminating the false starts and leads I never ended up capitalizing on later, altering some character behaviors to better support what happened to them in future entries, and rearranging entries to make a timeline that’s much less scattered. It’s slightly leaner, and a good bit better.

So give it a chance; don't discount it just because it's Rangers.

There should be no lack of happy updates for a very, very long time. You should be able to follow the plot if you've seen the movie; if you haven't, or need a quick review as to where everything stands, click on this link or this link or this link or this link.

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